Working with over 20,000 contestants and 60 eisteddfods, music & dance competitions

Stardom is an application which has been borne out of a passion to see people have fun, thrive and develop through participation in performing arts competitions within their own community. From the joy of participation, the thrill of being recognised for doing well to the occasional disappointment of a fluffed line or wrong note - these competitions offer a wonderful preparation and insight into managing the competitive challenges life invariably provides.

Many people who help run these events do so as volunteers – they are also motivated from a passion to help others experience the fun, joy and benefits of testing yourself against others doing something you like. Hence Stardom has been developed to help make the task of managing these competitive events more efficient for competitors (and their parents, schools and teachers) and the competition convenors.

Stardom is the updated version of the GENI application – many will be familiar with GENI. Stardom welcomes the privilege of being able to build on the GENI legacy and we hope you will enjoy the new design and performance enhancements which Stardom brings.

Thus Stardom (previously as GENI) has been helping to run eisteddfods, music & dance competitions since 2010. Many people and organisations have made appreciated contributions to the development. It is difficult to name all who have helped over the years - but special mention must be made to Bendigo Competition Society, Royal South Street Ballarat and Southern Dance Festival, who have provided invaluable feedback to us and have not hesitated in speaking to new eisteddfods that have shown interest in our product.

Here at Stardom we look forward to continuing our work with all of the wonderful people who make these competition events possible (organisers, entrants, parents, schools and teachers). Throughout 2015, there will be new features coming along to help the organisers manage and plan their resources (including volunteer availability, equipment etc.) and the tasks required on the day of the events (ie adjudicating, contestant attendance, etc.).